Inspiring Food styling

Artistic. Original. Aesthetic and expressive images from existing parts and new ideas. The quality of a food stylist’s services is rooted in his curiosity and ability to convey and give form to his vision of how to bring out his customer’s most meaningful side. Food styling kickstarts our imagination. It shows how even profane edibles can wow in ways that have never been thought of before. If such a novelty can be imagined, it can be created – and if it can be created, I make sure it’s perfect for not anybody, but you. 

published Work

swiss airlines

Client: SWISS International Airlines

Photography: Claudia Link

Every season during the year there are new creations made for first and business class by national Michelin-starred chefs to be enjoyed on flights with SWISS International Airlines. In the exclusive "Taste of Switzerland" menus you'll find specialities all over the country especially created for the conditions on board. 

BEef! Magazine

Client: Gruner & Jahr GmbH

Photography: Lukas Lienhard

Recipe development for the well known and unique BEEF! Magazine from Germany. Open-minded and with a piece of original meat from Grison, classically inspired recipes raised for the exclusive Swiss themed Magazine, visualized during a fantastic shooting day. 

L'occitane et Pièrre Hermé

Client: L'Occitane en Provence

Photography: Elias Amari

When Pierre Hermé, a worldwide known chef-patissier and a well treating cosmetic brand as l'Occitane en Provence come together, they creates new Perfumes with fruity fragrant experiences. Well mixed creations of sweets and sweet smell.


Client: Aggarwal AG

Agency: Neue Luzerner Agentur

Photography: Urs Bigler

With the authentically taste of India and selected spices, the timeless serie shows the beautiful side of this underrated cuisine and all his secret treasures. With a hint of personal passion for the country, the job was even more enjoyable.

Findus packaging

Client: Froneri AG Switzerland

Agency: ARD Design AG, Zürich

Photography: simon+kim

With the talented photographers simon+kim located in Central Switzerland they've raised a lot of fresh eye-catching packagings for Findus Switzerland. Honored with an Award of Excellence in 2019 by CA.

Marmite magazine

Client: Marmite Verlags AG

Photography: Claudia Link

Since many years already the pleasure never ends, creating new outstanding and editorial slide shows for the Marmite Magazine. Highly developed recipes from chefs from of the Swiss gastronomy finished with a creative idea going thru all the made series.

OUT of the blue

Free Work: Recipes from the Sea

Photography: Ralph Lehner

Recipe development on a new level inspired by the deep blue sea and the combination of well united tastes, catched in all his juiciness makes this serie to an artificial editorial that shows the beauty of the products from the sea. 

manor food

Client: Manor AG

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Zurich

Photography: Lukas Lienhard, Claudia Link

Bringing all the freshness of Manor Food to the public, the Food Lovers Mag reached in no time big popularity that makes excellent products with a fair price available in all Manor Food stores. Also a lot of seasonal created recipes accompany the big market offer settings and special offers, that makes this job every time an exciting experience.